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Celyn   //   July 24, 2016   //   1 Comment   •  

The headline says it; I Heart Watson is coming back! We are Sara and Neide, and Celyn kindly let us adopt this amazing fan site from her. We will work very hard to get it back to being one of your best Emma resources online.

We’re currently working on getting everything set up, and afterwards we will start adding all the event photos of Emma which are missing. The gallery is already back up and running, so while you wait for the full re-launch, head over and browse all the gorgeous Emma photos! Updates are coming soon.

One Response to “I heart Watson is coming back!”
  1. emmasood Says:

    Ahhhhhhhhh so many memories. I was fan of this site back in 2009 and onwards….
    Started at emmawatson.net, went on her official site and the iheartwatson…..
    dayum good ol days… Now the community is way too short on these sites even the forums of emmawatson.net are not working…. I miss old days
    Bid you good luck 🙂

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