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Since her days at Hogwarts came to an end, Emma Watson has largely been part of ensembles in movies. But she’s moving back towards lead roles again and has signed to star in “Colonia” alongside “Rush”’s Daniel Bruhl.

German director Florian Gallenberger is putting the fact-based film together based on his own script. “Colonia” follows a young couple called Lena and Daniel (Watson and Bruhl) who become mixed up in the 1973 Chilean military coup. When Daniel is abducted by General Pinochet’s secret police and carted off to a mysterious area in the south known as the Colonia Dignidad, Lena kicks off a quest to track him down.

Though the man in charge of the Colonia, Paul Schafer, describes it as a charitable religious mission, it’s in fact in the grip of a cult – and Lena joins up so she can try to find Daniel.

Watson was last seen in “Noah” and has just worked on Alejandro Amenabar’s psycho-thriller “Regression” with Ethan Hawke. Bruhl will be seen in Michael Winterbottom’s “The Face Of An Angel”, which screens at the London Film Festival next month. He’s also worked on “Woman In Gold” and is shooting John Wells’ untitled culinary comedy alongside Bradley Cooper.


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