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Gabby   //   November 25, 2017   //   1 Comment   •  

Our gallery has finally been updated with lots of screen captures of Emma’s scenes in Colonia. The film was released a couple of years ago, and you can buy it on DVD, Blu-Ray or On Demand on sites like Amazon, Best Buy and iTunes.

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Celyn   //   September 15, 2015   //   0 Comments   •  

A beautiful new poster for “Colonia” has been released today, and you can view it up in the gallery.

Celyn   //   September 14, 2015   //   1 Comment   •  

Ahead of its World Premiere, the first official trailer for Emma Watson’s “Colonia” has just been released online. Watch it in full below:

Celyn   //   September 13, 2015   //   0 Comments   •  

Ahead of it’s World Premiere at TIFF tomorrow, Emma Watson has taken to Twitter to tweet an exclusive new still from the film. You can now view it in the gallery.

Celyn   //   July 28, 2015   //   1 Comment   •  

The Toronto International Film Festival has just announced the first batch of titles for this year’s line-up and it was announced that “Colonia” has been selected for the festival. The film will be screened as part of the ‘Special Presentations’ lineup.

Plot: Two young lovers find themselves trapped in the murderous crackdown following the 1973 coup against Chilean president Salvador Allende.
Runtime: 110 minutes
Principal Cast: Emma Watson , Daniel Brühl, Michael Nyqvist

The TIFF runs from September 10-20 and for more information be sure to head over to the festival’s official website.

Celyn   //   December 26, 2014   //   1 Comment   •  

Merry Christmas everyone! On December 23, Emma’s official Facebook page released a new still from “Colonia”, and news that the film will be released in late 2015. You can now see the HQ still up in the gallery.

Lindsey   //   November 28, 2014   //   0 Comments   •  

The magazine scans of Elle UK (December 2014) and Total Film UK (January 2015) have been added in our gallery. Total Film featured a brand new still of “Colonia”.

Celyn   //   October 27, 2014   //   1 Comment   •  

Majestic Filmproduktion has released the first intimidating image from their period drama “Colonia”, featuring star Emma Watson and the newly-announced Mikael Nyqvist as Paul Schäfer, lay preacher and leader of the infamous Colonia Dignidad.

The film from Academy Award-winning director Florian Gallenberger will also co-star the previously set Daniel Bruhl, along with Richenda Carey, Vicky Krieps, August Zirner and Martin Wuttke.

Watson plays Lena, a young woman whose husband Daniel (Bruhl) is abducted by Pinochet’s secret police during the 1973 Chilean military coup d’etat. Lena must join a dangerous cult in the sealed-off Colonia Dignidad area in order to rescue him.

“Colonia” just wrapped shooting in Luxembourg, with production now moved to Germany before the shoot is completed in South America later this year. The film is due for release in October 2015.

Celyn   //   September 29, 2014   //   1 Comment   •  

Since her days at Hogwarts came to an end, Emma Watson has largely been part of ensembles in movies. But she’s moving back towards lead roles again and has signed to star in “Colonia” alongside “Rush”’s Daniel Bruhl.

German director Florian Gallenberger is putting the fact-based film together based on his own script. “Colonia” follows a young couple called Lena and Daniel (Watson and Bruhl) who become mixed up in the 1973 Chilean military coup. When Daniel is abducted by General Pinochet’s secret police and carted off to a mysterious area in the south known as the Colonia Dignidad, Lena kicks off a quest to track him down.

Though the man in charge of the Colonia, Paul Schafer, describes it as a charitable religious mission, it’s in fact in the grip of a cult – and Lena joins up so she can try to find Daniel.

Watson was last seen in “Noah” and has just worked on Alejandro Amenabar’s psycho-thriller “Regression” with Ethan Hawke. Bruhl will be seen in Michael Winterbottom’s “The Face Of An Angel”, which screens at the London Film Festival next month. He’s also worked on “Woman In Gold” and is shooting John Wells’ untitled culinary comedy alongside Bradley Cooper.