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Emma was one of the guests of this morning’s episode of The Ellen Show, where she spoke about Beauty and The Beast, her first movie premiere, and even joined Ellen on a prank! We’ve added photos to our gallery, and you can watch two clips from the show bellow!

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While during a interview to promote Beauty and The Beast for Pool Fiction, Emma interrupted her co-star to fix the reporters make-up. It’s something very sweet and we couldn’t help but share with you guys!

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Emma Watson gives out advice to strangers at Grand Central Terminal in New York City on this episode of “Derek Does Stuff With a Friend” with Derek Blasberg.

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Hello Watson fans! As you know, Emma attended the UK Launch and Screening of Beauty and The Beast this Thursday. We’ve added more photos from both events to our gallery, and we bring you two interviews Emma gave during the red carpet that have been released so far. Enjoy!

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Neide   //   February 18, 2017   //   0 Comments   •  

Entertainment Weekly has recently joined forces with People Magazine for a segment named Beyond Beautiful. This week’s episode features Emma Watson, where she speaks about Beauty and The Beast, Hermione and more. You can watch all the clips released bellow and under the cut, plus the full episode here!

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Emma has teamed up with Disney to promote this year’s “Magic of Storytelling” campaign, which aims to provide books for children who cannot easily access them on their own. Moviefone has listed a few ways to donate and help the cause, such as purchasing eligible books at, sharing selfies in front of books and shelfs using the hasthtag #magicofstorytelling and more. It is a beautiful campaign and well worth checking out.

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The first extended TV spot for Emma’s upcoming Beauty and The Beast has been released! It features a closer look on Belle and Beast’s relationship, and you can watch it below. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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Earlier today after the release of the official trailer of the movie, the Beauty and the Beast cast and director were live on facebook to answer some of the fans questions. You can watch it bellow!

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Source | Before she transformed into a golden-gowned princess, Belle was a French villager in a blue apron and peasant blouse. The look, though perhaps not quite as iconic as that yellow ball gown, is nonetheless memorable. When Emma Watson brings the bookworm heroine to life in the live-action remake, she’ll revamp Belle’s dresses too.

Disney recently shared another look of the new Beauty and the Best with sketches of the set and costumes, including Belle’s blue-and-white apron outfit. The drawings for Watson’s dress turns out to be a little grungier than the original, paired with boots and even a few dish towels strung at the belt instead of Belle’s dainty basket. Her perfectly bowed updo is also transformed into a loose pony, making her look even more realistic.


For more sketches, take a look at You can also find a sneak peek if you download the original animated Beauty and the Beast (which is 25 years old this year) oniTunes, but a few previews on the film, which is set to release in 2017, are out already.

Last week, Disney released a first look of Watson and her co-star Dan Stevens reading their lines together as Belle and the Beast: