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Tom Hiddleston, Emma Watson and other popular stars are bringing back the glory of poetry reading via “The Love Book” app.

Radio Times reported that like the other stars, Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson have read poems penned by world-renowned bards. Allie Esiri, the app’s creator, discussed and enthused about the recording procedures and poetry reading skills of the celebrity readers.

Esiri singled out Tom Hiddleston’s rendition of “May I Feel Said He,” a poem written by E.E. Cummings in 1923, for it is the most popular among users. Compared to the other poetry readings available on the app, Hindleston’s reading garnered the most number of feedback via comments and emails.

Tom Hiddleston and Emma Watson are two of the celebrity readers who have read downloadable poems on “The Love Book” app. Other popular stars such as Damien Lewis, Helena Bonham Carter, Gina Bellman and Helen McRory are also part of the readers’ list.

According to iliterature, The Love Book app is a compilation of various literary pieces focused on the subject of love. Users can download poems, short stories, quotes and letters using their iPhones or Android phones.


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