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Gabby   —   Appearances

Hi everyone! Emma attended the “We Dare To Dream” Premiere in London earlier today, and, as luck would have it, we actually came across this update before wrapping up for the day. I know it’s been a long time since we’ve updated our gallery this quickly! I hope you enjoy the photos – we might add more during the week, if we find them.

Gabby   —   Appearances

Emma was seated at the front row during the Schiaparelli Fashion Show in Paris earlier today, the opener of Paris Couture Week. If you’re interested in the event itself, WWD has a review of the show and a brief explanation of what it represents.

Our gallery has been updated with images of Emma at the event.

Gabby   —   Appearances

Seeing as we don’t have actual news these days, we’ve decided to take some time and go through our photo gallery to see what updates we might have missed through the years. We’ve had this fansite for so long that sometimes we let things slip through the cracks, which is definitely the case here – we noticed there were several old events that Emma attended missing, and pictures we had been seeing around for years and probably assumed had been added already. Well, now they have!

Please bear in mind that the quality of some of these is… questionable. But they’re old, so the likelihood of finding better versions isn’t great. It’s just sweet to see little Emma’s style back in those days, and how much fun she seemed to be having while promoting Harry Potter!

Gabby   —   Site

Our 25th version is now online! It’s a special one for me, as it’s the first I designed/coded (almost) entirely on my own. I had been reminiscing about old school layouts, the kind we might have seen when IHW was first launched in 2007, so the header is a little more on that style, as opposed to some clean ones we’ve had in the past. I’m considering the possibility of changing layouts more often, too, and assigning specific themes to them – such as Emma’s characters, specific photoshoots she’s done over the years, maybe even events in which she sported our favorite looks. We’ll see whether my free time (and my patience/desire to play on photoshop) end up contributing to that in the future.

Naturally, we’ve changed our gallery layout to match the main website! I tried a different format on that one, because we’ve had the same type of structure on those for years, and, frankly, I was a little bored of it.

I hope you like our new look (or, in the very least, that you don’t hate it!). Don’t forget to follow @iheartewatson on twitter for updates.