The Crew

This ship currently sails thanks to the combined work of two huge fans of Emma – Gabby and Neide – both of which have been keeping up with her since the early Harry Potter days. You can read more aboud each of them below.

A lover of pop culture, books, music, fansites and other things. I’ve been a fan of Emma since the very first Harry Potter film came out, which was based on the first “grown up” book I ever read (it had no pictures!). I was always very curious about websites and graphics, and I usually found a way of connecting that to my admiration for various artists, Emma being one of them. My first fansite for her was launched halfway through 2012, and I ended up closing it several months later to join the staff of another one. I♥W was a reference for me back then, so it is really sweet that I’m running it now – and with a good friend, no less! I liked that the site was always very respectful of Emma’s private life, and that it was full of little quirks that made it unique. I identify with Emma in her love for education, literature, cats and animated movies, and I’m proud of the image she has built for herself over the years – I’m sure it hasn’t been easy.


A huge thank you to the girls that founded – Allison, Kaetlyn, Karly and Lynn, and to the ones that continued their work through the years – Siobhan, Carmel, Bea, Lindsey and Sara.