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Seventeen Mexico (Oct 2010)

She grew up with you, with the difference of being surrounded by cameras and now what she wants is to have a normal life, like yours!

While she attended school, Emma also spent time preparing to do what she loved most: acting. At 6 years old, she started taking dancing, acting and singing lessons. By 10, she shone in her first theatre play and was ready to go through 8 castings for the movie which would make her famous: Harry Potter. From then on, her life changed drastically. Instead of going from school to her house, filming sets became her second home. And, once the latest movie was on theatres, photoshoots and interviews dominated her life. Now, the 20 year old is not only Hermione Granger, the girl from Harry Potter, but a world-wide celebrity who has been given awards, has been the face of important brands like Burberry and the designer of her own clothing line. However, this is not the most important thing for her right now. What she is looking forward is living experiences from someone her age and enjoying her studies at Brown University.

Showing us a new hair-cut (she looks beautiful), dressed in jeans, a beige sweater and some nice long boots, Emma exclusively talked to Seventeen Magazine.

17: What has working in Harry Potter taught you?
Emma Watson: The importance of friendship, working hard, hope and determination. It has also taught me how to perform, what it is to be on a filming set, how to work with cameras with special effects, animals, actors, how to deal with fame, many things!

17: Besides HP, what has been your biggest challenge?
EM: I think my first day at university. I didn’t know anyone, I was nervous, in a new country. Honestly, I didn’t even want to go outside my room. I’m very proud to have overcome that!

17: Were your classmates surprised to see you there?
EM: The first weeks they were, but now the see me every day, so they are bored with me (laughs).

17: Is it easy to know when someone is only interested in your fame?
EM: You immediately know who is like that. However, I try not to be too worried about it, because I wouldn’t get to know anybody. I would never be able to trust someone and I can’t live like that.

17: Why did you decided to enroll into college?
EM: I find education very important, and I love to learn. Besides, I wanted to have a normal experience outside from the entertainment business.

17: It seems like you have it all: You’re famous, although it looks like you’re trying to live a life from someone your age. What is missing?
EM: I need to have more fun, to be like a child! I’m always working, I’m kind of addicted to work. I want some time to let my head rest.

17: How is it a normal day in your life?
EM: In reality I don’t have normal days because I’m trapped in different lives. One day I’m filming, the next I’m going to college, then I’m home, and later I’m designing clothes. There aren’t ordinary days for me.

17: You have just launched your clothing line. Where did you get inspiration? How was the creative process?
EM: I was very selfish, I designed things that I wanted to have: very simple, youthful and relaxed. I imagined what I would really love to wear.

17: Where do you get informed about tendencies?
EM: I don’t follow tendencies very much, because I wouldn’t like to dress just like everybody else. I think that’s why I hate them a little. However, I do like reading fashion magazines. I can’t be aislated from everything out there.

17: How would you define your style?
EM: I think it’s classic and simple. I try to be smart, but at the same time relaxed and easy-going.

17: Who are your fashion-icons?
EM: I like Audry Hepburn and Jane Birking. I like, aswell, Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger.

17: What are your autumns must-haves?
EM: I love cashmere coats, I would like to have one of those. I really love the feminine style you get when you put blouses and skirts.

17: Would you give us a fashion tip?
EM: Always follow your instincts, follow your heart. If what you’re wearing doesn’t convince you because it doesn’t make you feel nice or you’re just not sure about the outfit, don’t wear it even if your friends go: “Wow, you look incredible!”. You have to wear something that is comfortable to you and that gives you confidence!

17: Have you had a fashion emergency?
EM: Yes, a lot! I’ve had torn dresses, my skirt has been assaulted by the wind, I’ve gotten artificially tanned and it went completely wrong. Actually, because of that, my hands became orange!

17: What did you do with your hands?
EM: I tried to exfoliate them, to make the color go away, but it isn’t a lot you can do in cases like that. It was very funny!

17: What do you think is the best outfit for a date with someone you like?
EM: Something that is you, but at the same time, special. You already have enough stress about the situation without wearing a tight dress or uncomfortable shoes. It can be anything you like, but girly.

17: Do you have love tips?
EM: I’m probably not the right person to answer that. I think being yourself does the trick because otherwise, you’re not on the right path and there will be awful consecuences. Just be yourself and be honest. Don’t take it too seriously, I think that has been one of my mistakes. You’re young, just have fun!

17: How do you see yourself in 10 years?
EM: I hope I’ll be doing something that I love and I’m passionate about. In peace with my family, with great friends, exploring the world, being happy!

17: Have you ever doubted yourself?
EM: Of course! It’s in human nature to doubt yourself, but you also need to tell that little voice inside yourself that is saying you can’t, to shut it!. It’s just a voice, it isn’t yourself. You need to believe in yourself.

17: What do you do to stay in shape?
EM: I do exercise and try to eat healthy food.

17: What type of exercise do you do?
EM: I love to dance, and I hate to go to the gym, but sometimes I have to. If I can choose though, I prefer to do sport or dance because I can interact with people aswell.

17: What would you like to tell Seventeen readers?
EM: We’re all different. What really matters is to stay healthy. Be good to yourself!