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Io Donna (Mar 2010)

Small stars grow. And change. The final chapter in the saga that has made her famous has yet to arrive in theaters – Deathly Hallows: Part II – but for Emma Watson, the future is now. After debuting as a creative consultant for the collections of People Tree, a nonprofit organization that deals with fair trade, the former witch now collaborated with Alberta Ferretti’s Pure Threads by Emma Watson and Alberta Ferretti dresses, skirts, shirts and shorts that will be available exclusively online (albertaferretti.com) on March 21.

“Social consciousness, and the focus responsible consumption are the real challenges now: can it make our future better,” explains the actress, who this year we will see for the first time without the role of Hermione Granger next in My Week with Marilyn with Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh. “Consumers are the only ones able to make a difference, the future of the planet depends on their choices. I believe in this project because, especially in the fashion world, there are not enough ethical propositions to choose from.”

Where do you get inspiration?
Environmental sustainability and business fair were the slogans with which we began to design the whole collection. Then, of course, is to be romantic, comfortable and close to both my taste and the sensibility of Alberta, who was able to interpret my desires with her incredible taste and with her ​​creativity, without being vulgar.

What is the message you want to convey through this collection?
There is nothing better than to dress in organic clothes. Natural, comfortable, sustainable and, perhaps, even more beautiful than those produced with synthetic materials and chemicals.

But to create a luxury product that is also sustainable is realistically a challenge?
No longer a challenge, and now an achievement! I am absolutely pleased with the result of style, comfort and quality achieved by this collection!

Your generation, compared to previous ones, are more involved in the case of ecology?
Yes, I am absolutely convinced. And it’s a relief: finally – after years of unconsciousness, and even a bit of neglect – we have reached the realization of irreparable damage to the planet, and of mankind. The Earth has limits that must not be exceeded: the resources they need for their life cycle are inviolable. We must sensitize society towards becoming responsible people, who did not ultimately only profit from, but consider its impact on all our futures.

The collection will be sold only online. Do you like to shop at the computer?
A lot! And it’s a revolution in shopping world. You can achieve whatever you want from the comfort of your own home .. Incredible!

In addition to (neo) designer, you are a style icon. What are the must-haves of your wardrobe?
My basic wardrobe, unequivocally. Few pants, easy to wear, yet comfortable and stylish. How soft and comfortable flats, or the skinny jeans and any garment of soft and warm cashmere.

Your favorite color?
I love all the natural colors, not altered by chemical processes. But surely the favorite and the cream. Discreet, elegant.

You are a reference for the girls of her generation. Do you feel you should be a model?
I do not think I “ought” to be a model of reference for my fame. But I want to do something good by using my public image and reputation.

What do they have in common – and how do they influence – film and fashion?
Historically, the cinema and fashion are two languages ​​intertwined: they inspire each other. Rework the past, and with a new appeal, creates a different language towards the future.